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We offer three months membership which includes your first flight. This gives the opportunity for you to become a member and begin flying with us. As a member of Dublin Gliding Club there is no charge for flight instruction. The membership fee for three months is just €160.
Before you purchase an air experience, please read our restrictions below. You can also look at our F.A.Q page for more information.

Weight Restrictions

Prior to flying, the duty instructor will take into account your weight, the instructor’s weight and the limits of the particular glider. Generally the maximum weight will be 110kg which will include your clothes, any objects you carry and your parachute (7kg). Therefore a body weight of 100kg is the maximum.

There is no lower weight limit, however with smaller children the deciding factor may be whether they are big enough to safely wear the safety harness and emergency parachute. The duty instructor’s decision on this matter will be final. Some instances may allow for lighter children to fly from the rear seat of the glider (where the instructor normally sits).

Age Restrictions

There are no formal age restrictions, although anyone under 18 will require consent from a parent or guardian.

Health Restrictions

Every effort will be made to accommodate any needs you may have in order to fly.
You must not suffer from faintness, severe claustrophobia, seizures, a serious heart condition or anything that could endanger the glider in flight. You will be required to complete a medical declaration prior to your flight.

On your initial flight you will fly in one of the club’s dual seat trainers accompanied by your pilot, a fully qualified air experience instructor. After taking a launch to 3000′ your flight duration is typically about 20 minutes (subject to conditions of course). On the ground and in the air your instructor will describe for you how various aspects of the flight will proceed and how a pilot controls the glider.

Your membership includes:

  • Access to club aircraft [fleet of three two seat trainers and two single seat aircraft
  • Full instruction – no extra fee
  • All ground schooling etc.

From your first flight, you’ll start 3 months membership with the club where you can continue your training and fly at club rates every weekend. Let’s be honest, a single flight isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to satisfy your interest so its only fair we give you 3 months to enjoy your new found hobby! Wrap up warm and come down to the airfield, make new friends and start to learn the art of gliding with the Dublin Gliding Club.

What next?

You can purchase a membership, simply contact us by phone on +353 (87) 235 5807 to find out more about what we do and arrange payment. We accept Visa Debit Card, Visa Credit Card and MasterCard as well as traditional payments methods.

Purchase Here via Easy Payments Plus

We look forward to seeing you!

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