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Barretstown 25th Anniversary

Dublin Gliding Club received a request from Barretstown to participate during their 25th Anniversary event on Sunday 7th July 2019 which of course we were happy to do. PJ Moran and many members organised a display of our club Astir to be available for all to get up close to and have pictures taken while sitting into the cockpit. We operated for six hour during which the cockpit was visited by a constant stream of children and a few adults.…

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Ron Staep’s New LS1 Arrives

Congratulations to Ronald Staeps on the purchase of his LS1 glider. After an 8 day road trip across 7 countries, almost 4000 km and 3 ferry crossings he arrived back with his latest addition to Gowran. The LS1 was previously based in Vienna (Wiener Neustadt). Ron is looking forward to lots of fun in Ireland with the LS1. Ron extends his thanks to Liam Keegan who joined him on this adventure, “our trip was good fun!”.The LS1 is a beautiful…

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Michael Shannon Cross Country Endorsement

Congratulations to Michael Shannon who completed his Cross Country Endorsement on the 18th June 2019. After 3 landings on our taxiway to simulate out-landings, Michael was awarded his endorsement. Michael received his Bronze Badge only a few weeks prior to this achievement. Onward and upwards! Thanks to Dan Begley and Cecily Begley who were a great help to him on the day and to all instructors and tug pilots for making this possible.

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DGC are finalists in the Aviation Awards 2019

We are delighted to inform you that Dublin Gliding Club has been shortlisted in the General & Sport Aviation section of the upcoming Aviation Awards. The subject of our entry is the Air Cadet programme.  The final awards are not announced until the 12th July but we have already achieved a lot by being selected as a finalist.  DGC will be well profiled in front of a large audience on the night of the awards and will be named as a finalised on The Irish…

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Tony McDermott Silver Duration

Congratulations to Tony McDermott who completed his 5 hour Silver Duration. Excellent achievement. Tony made an attempt at the 5 hour duration while at the Ulster Gliding Club a while back but was unfortunate to run out of lift with only 10 minutes to go. Obviously the experience stood to Tony as he earned his Silver Duration at Dublin Gliding Club on Saturday 11th May. Well Done!!

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