A new year 2020 and a recap of 2019

Luckily enough Wednesday 1st January 2020 was flyable, and Peter Moskovits took to the sky with the first flight of 2020. Funny enough that Peter Moskovits also had the last flight out of Gowran on Monday 30th December 2019. There were many events throughout the year of 2019 and here is a recap of some of these events. Congratulations to Colin King on his 300k in Australia. This distance was achieved on January 5th, 2019. Feb 5th, Dublin Gliding Club…

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Owen Grogan LS1 Flight

A big congratulations to Owen Grogan who took a first flight in his LS1 today. Owen purchased his LS1 earlier this year and has spent many months preparing his glider for its Irish maiden flight. The weather conditions have not been very favorable to Owen over the last couple of months. However, today had light northerly winds and sunshine creating the perfect day to launch. Well done Owen.

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Kerry Safari 2020

We have only finished this years safari but next years dates are confirmed. Don’t miss our annual Kerry Safari. Every year Dublin Gliding Club make their way to Kerry’s Inch and Fermoyle beach. Gliders are launched from the beach into the air by car-tow to a height of 1200 to 1500 feet. Its just enough height to make your way to the slopes of Dingles mountains and hopefully lift generated by the wind blowing against them will have you soaring.…

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Owen Grogan Bronze

Congratulations to Owen Grogan for achieving his Bronze certificate at Dublin Gliding Club this September. Owen is a very active member of DGC and has spent many weekends working on his flying skills to satisfy the bronze badge requirements. Well done.

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Gulyas Party 2019

A long time ago (2006) Peter Moskovits organised a Gulyas Party for everyone. It has been 13 years since but Peter decided to put the call out for everyone to participate in another fabulous evening. The “Gulyas Party” was a success and nobody went home hungry. Next Gulyas party in 13 years as per tradition…

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PJ Moran takes his new Libelle out for the first time.

Congratulations to PJ for taking his maiden flight in his Libelle today. PJ purchased his Libelle back in June 2019 and the day finally arrived on Saturday 7th September for it first flight out of Gowran Grange. The flying conditions were very good with a gentle NNW breeze. Soaring conditions over Naas were very good and PJ took advantage of easing conditions in the afternoon. Well done.

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TG4 Filming At DGC 14/8/2019

We welcomed the TG4 team to the Dublin gliding club today. They were filming for an upcoming programme about aircraft aerodynamics. Fergus Denman flew the presenter Peadar O Goill in our K21 and this flight will feature in the programme. The segment on gliding in DGC will appear on the show “Is Eolai Mé” in September 2020.

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