Schleicher ASK21 GLB

The Schleicher ASK21 is a world renowned glider for its training capabilities. It is the aircraft that we train many of our pilots in due to its docile and predictable behaviour. The ASK 21 has two seats in a tandem configuration, this means that the student pilot will sit in the front of the aircraft while the instructor sits in the back. The aircraft has two identical cockpits in the front and back. The aircraft is a well-rounded glider being a very good trainer but as well as that a fantastic glider at aerobatics and cross-country flying. The ASK21 can be flown both solo and dual. It has a wingspan of 17 metres (55ft 9in) and a height of 1.55 metres (5ft 1in). The glider has a top speed of around 280 km/h and a MAX g loading of +6.5 and -4. The K21 has a glide ratio of 34:1 meaning for every 34 metres it travels it loses only 1 metre! The cockpit of the ASK21 is very spacious making, with plenty of legroom making the flight a very enjoyable experience.  This is a modern high performing glider still being produced today.

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