Schleicher K8 GLF

The Schleicher K8 is a single-seat glider used by many new and older solo pilots in the club. Due to its light handling and strong climbing capabilities this aircraft is fun and enjoyable to fly. It is the first single-seat aircraft any pilot will fly after going solo as it is very similar to the ASK13 in its flying characteristics. The K8 is produced using steel tubing and a strong fabric to give it its iconic light-weight, high climb capabilities The K8 has an empty weigh of just 190 kg making it a very good glider at thermalling and climbing in all forms of lift thanks to its light weight. The K8 owned by the Dublin Gliding Club is the K8b version which has a large canopy making those jaw-dropping views even better. The K8 has a wingspan of 15m (49ft 3in) and a height of 1.6m (5ft 3in). It has a top speed of 200km/h and a MAX g loading of +4 and -2. The Schleicher K8 is a fun aircraft to fly and all pilots love to fly it.

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